Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Waltzingmouse Pajama Party!

I have not been to a pj party as an adult, but I am pretty sure you can drink wine at one.  So I helped myself to a glass or two.  Unfortunately, my cards get drunker a I do!   Nor can I remember any of my supplies... but here we go...

I made the watercolor backgrounds myself- this is a gorgeous card IRL.  Yeah, I bet we all say that...

There are my entry for tags and Nesties.  The images are from L'il Buddies, and the  tags are Labels 4.

A girl version of the sketch.  Oh wait, I forgot the d(*& banner!

My gift card holder is for a bride to give to her attendants.  My apologies, I was on glass #4 when I did this, lol lol lol.
I'm drinking one of my favorites, cheap, sweet and red.  Hic!  Now I will go post this and travel around everyone else's

Impression Obsession Challenge: You Did It!

I like the IO Challenges- they really make me think!  This time I was stumped for over a week before I realized I needed a wedding card soon... and inspiration hit!

That's DIE 130-D, Love Border Word.   The card is for 2 architects getting married, so I drew in what I thought were blueprint types of things with a white gel pen.  I 'named' the blueprint 'YOU DID IT' since that is the name of the challenge.

Remember, you can click on the photo to enlarge it.