Saturday, December 31, 2011


couple of things-

I promise they will be layered straight, lol

the 'you're invited' should be the same color as the bottom layer

under the horses neck needs to be trimmed, not sure what happened there

the bunny is a punch; not sure how better to dress it up, unless I use patterned paper-

off to get coffee and chocolate; call me and let me know!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Where have I been you say? Right here, of course! Just coming out after a long period of time doing without (as much as possible) technology. We don't have a TV or cell phone, of course, but the computer takes away so much of my time that I went through a period of using it just as a resource, not as a method of communication and whatever else people say it is.

I hope to do an early retirement the first quarter of 2012, so we have been practising a 'vow of poverty'. Fun! But here is a card that was still on the camera, so I decided to get it onto the blog.

I find Outlines stamps beautiful to look at when others do them, but hard to do myself. I did a boy and a girl, and used printed papers so I wouldn't have to do so much intricate coloring.

Some doodads also helped the visual, rather than lots of glitter.

Some day I'll do an Outlines card as beautiful as the designers do, lol, but in the meantime these will have to suffice!