Saturday, December 31, 2011


couple of things-

I promise they will be layered straight, lol

the 'you're invited' should be the same color as the bottom layer

under the horses neck needs to be trimmed, not sure what happened there

the bunny is a punch; not sure how better to dress it up, unless I use patterned paper-

off to get coffee and chocolate; call me and let me know!


Alex said...

i love it... do wish there was a yellow chicken or two in the middle somewhere...

Babies- Beth said...

Don't have any Cricut chickens, don't have any chicken stamps- would have to be a sticker maybe, really small. You can go look and see if there is a Mrs. Grossmans or a Jolees tiny chicken~

Marybeth said...

Missed you , cute card! Happy New Year!