Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Not that cubism, silly, this kind!

Although I bet Picasso would love this picture of color, ha!

So here is the dilemma. I now love cubes, and lots of little bits of color on my black shelves on my desk.

Except that with the PTI new cubes, here is what invariably happens. They don't latch together in any way, so they fall over. I was thinking they might sit more firmly on each other if I removed the label. But oh la la, that label is so colorful!

I got these little desk accessories at Job Lots, and I can get 8 cubes in each one, and they stack well enough on top of the tops of the cubes...

But I can only grow so much in this direction, the little spaces will get more and more empty as my PTI collection grows in the cubism direction, and dang it, those Job Lots containers are brown, lol lol lol.

What I really want is for the PTI cubes to go in each section of the black shelf, and not fall over. I was thinking of some kind of tray with sides, maybe made from cardboard and long coffee stirrers.

This is where I need the collective imagination from my PTI friends!

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carol (krillsister) said...

Is it possible to cut qa piece of stufry cardboard, cover it with black cs and place between two cubes inside the small cubby or like you suggested, cut some balsa wood spray paint it black and stick that between the ink cubes in each cubby?