Saturday, January 14, 2012

2 Baby Cards and New Found Austerity

I confess, I envy Melissa Phillips, and her ability to make all things look vintage- all here and there and sparkly and wrinkled and pouffy and quaint and lovely. I buy the same products...and make flat cards. I make un-vintagy cards, all flat and discordant and well, flat.

Today I tried again, lol. I used the R. S. Tapestry's Baby stampset and lots of different inks, a doily picked up at some party or another, along with Basic Grey Capella papers and paper ribbons. Fake silk ribbon- I will say I got a very nice bow!

I ran some pink paper through the sticky paper maker both ways to make both sides sticky. That is Martha Stewart glitter on top, and some random buttons on the bottom right corner.

I have a bunch of pieces of this pink heidi grace designs paper, and need to use some up- our new found austerity (see below) needs to kick in now! That's a SU carriage stamp from Fun and Fast Notes, paper pieced and colored a bit with Copics. Bling came from a dollar bin at a Scrapbooking show. The diecut is with Papertrey's Filigree Border Die.

Stop here if you get squeamish. Squeamish about poverty, or squeamish about mice.

I have decided I don't want to go to work anymore. How's that for an epiphany? We have lived our lives such that we have no debt- none, zero, zilch. I have been developing a new sense of myself over the past year, and knew I wanted to try poverty as a lifestyle. Now, that may sound really odd to some, but let me tell you, I believe if you all think about it, the race for acquisition is not so healthy- for us or mother nature.

The DH thinks this is a wonderful idea (he has been a stay at home dad for as long as he's been a dad). He has already developed habits that will help keep us warm and fed and happy with Very Little Income. I so appreciate all he does to allow me to not have to go off to work anymore.

Ok, so we have mice. We have mousetraps to trap and kill the mice. It is not something I like to do, but well, food is food and mice will ruin it. Imagine my surprise when I came out to the kitchen the other morning to find this-

'What is this all about?' I asked.

'It's to make sure we don't lose the cheese!' he said.

Yes boys and girls, if you run low on money, rubber band that cheese to the mousetrap, so nobody walks away with it. You'll save millions.

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Joyce said...

You crack me up. Lovely cards, both of them. My favorite is the second card. I have a hard time with that vintage, busy style, too, but you did a very nice job with this one.