Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wes's Day

We had a lovely day today! Look!!!!

It was so cold ice was on the inside of the windows when we got up, but all in all, it seemed like a good day for a party!

Nick came over-
Livvy was here of course,

And Vanna,

Sam's mommy drove him all the way up from Massachusetts-

Jay liked his party hat~

Billy flew in a Birthday Card~

Look out, Kaleb!

We had cake

And piggy cookies
balloons ,

and presents!

Hello, Hedgies!

I blew out my candles...

Yay! Wes is two!!!!


Alex said...

These are great! I love them! The blowing candles is my favorite!

Nanny said...

Oh my goodness, loved these pics. Happy 2 nd Birthday, dear Wes...So much love all around.. Thanks so much for sharing. <3 Nanny

Nanny said...

Thanks for sharing these pics...Loved the theme, and pig cookies awesome..what Flavor??? Happy 2 nd BD dear Wes..All so talented, and such memories to keep. <3 Nanny

Marybeth said...

TFS all those adorabe pictures. Oh all that ice , cute kids, and adorable cake!