Friday, June 5, 2015

Flip System for stamps

I have converted all of my clear sets to a 'flip' system.  I just love flipping quickly through all of the baby sets!  Here are the Tim Holtz unmounted stamp refill pockets, with cheap white cs cut to fit- corners rounded, and name of set at top.  Duralar is cut to fit (2 pieces per envelope), the set put between them and slid in behind the whit cs. 

My dies are in Essentials by Ellen Storage Envelopes, set on magnetic sheets cut down to size.  I've used the sheets from Darice.

I have a few red rubber sets that have been in the softer, longer, plastic storage cases.  I found them tough to see and get to in the place I had to store them.  And... since I've discovered I love to 'flip', I did this...

 I sliced the panels in half and rounded the corners.  Some of the stamps had illustrations I could use, but some I stamped on cheap cs and cut to fit the panel- attching them with doulble sided tape.
I trimmed off the holes on the side of the Avery pockets, just so they would look 'neater'.  The pockets are very slippery, but pocket out enough to accomodate all thicknesses of rubber stamps.

When I sit in my chair, all of the stamps and dies are on the floor next to me. I swivel my chair, lean over, and go flip, flip, flip.  I love it!