Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Die Case Tutorial

Any follower of Nichole Heady knows she showed us devotees how to store Papertrey dies in CD sleeves inside of CD boxes. Well! What a great way to organize my gaggle of dies that were spread all over!!

So off I went to get the boxes and sleeves, and last night and this morning I started. I had bought colored sleeves, so it made sense to me to put series of dies all in the same color. Uh oh- I put the Dies To Match in yellow sleeves, one die per sleeve, and soon ran out of yellow. I was going to go buy more, and thinking about the gas to get there, when it occurred to me: Hey! They are just paper and an acrylic window. Well darn! I've got all of that (and more!) right here!!

I started out by cutting the paper 6 inches wide, but now I think you should cut it just under 6 inches, because they are pretty tight in the boxes. I used 12 x 12 paper, and got two sleeves per sheet.

So cut the 12 x 12 just under 6 inches wide by 10.75 inches long. Put the paper on the right side of your score board, and score at one inch and at the 6 inch mark. Darn, it is so hard to show score lines in a photo!

Turn the paper, and put it on the left side of the board- score at .5 inch. Turn the paper and score the other side at one half inch. You want each side flap to end up one half inch, and the middle section to be just under 5 inches wide. I think, lol, I actually didn't measure my middle, but the math says so.

Using a circle Nestability, cut a circle in the 'square' section with the one inch flap. This is the front.

Cut 4 .25 x 4..25 inch acrylic 'windows. Apply 1/8 inch Scor-Tape close to the edges.

Use an Xacto to put a semi-circle flap holder in the center of the opposite side, just about .5 inches from the edge. The flap holder is on the opposite side of the one inch flap.

Apply the window, making sure it is on the side with the bumps of the scores, since the flaps will fold in to the bumps. Hope that makes sense!!

Here's the hardest part: with scissors, cut down the score line (to the inside of the score line) on the side not with the window. Cut just past the score line that makes the sleeve fold in half. Then cut in from each side to cut off that 'flap' that you don't need. Use the scissors to round the corners of all three flaps- each side flap and the top flap.

Apply Scor-Tape to the side flaps, watching that you don't apply it where it might stick to the inside of the sleeve instead of the outside.

Fold along all score lines, and stick the side flaps to the back. Now I realize I didn't take a photo of the back side.

This sounds confusing, but really, it's pretty easy! Except now I need to order another package of acrylic card stock. lol lol lol~~

Here they all are in their boxes- Mat Stacks and Fillable Frames are in the holder with their stamp sets.

Enjoy! Ask questions! Let me know if you make some!! Show me patterned papers!!


Sue Ann said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT BETH!!! If the window is a bit smaller then we could be more green and use the acetate sheet when we take off the stamps :) I love been green ........ especially when I recycle my age. YOU ARE UBER SMART GIRLY GIRL!!!!

Nadine said...

Thanks for the tutorial with measurements and pics! I was just thinking with the arrival of my latest order that my dies are getting out of control!

Ted said...

Beth, thanks so much for this tutorial as well as the photos! Love your organization system! :)

Sara said...

Very cool! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial. I was having a hard time picturing it and the photos definitely helped me out :)

Kathy Mc said...

Awesome tutorial, Beth. Thanks so much for sharing the details. I don't have many dies yet, but they are certainly addicting so I better have a storage plan.

Ingrid Danvers said...

Great tutorial, Beth. Thanks for sharing!

Sonya said...

Thanks for the detailed tutorial, Beth. Awesome! Just a quick question: when are you starting to take orders? LOL.