Saturday, October 29, 2011

Waiting for Snow

I have been participating in the Halloween challenges over at Well, actually, that just means I have been buying lots of beads from Lima, lol. This is my Halloween entry, a Spooky necklace.

The Hemp is tied in knots, and look like spider legs when it is hanging around my neck.

That's an Earthenwood pendant, with one lonely fall colored leaf- all of the other leaves on there are C Koop enameled black or gray leaves.

Halloween isn't over, it's one of my fav times of year. But with 10 inches of snow projected for tonight, I went Christmas shopping today, lol... my all time favorite time of year!!!

I am going to put some treats out this evening for the chipmunks and squirrels, and have my own Trick or Treat party. Hopefull the bears have gone to bed, and won't bother us for chocolate. Then I will sit back for the wintry show that is coming to my big screen TV overnight (think sliding glass doors looking into the woods!) and watch while I drink my morning coffee. Better than any TV you have, I bet!

My only concern? I'm by myself, and will I be able to get the car out to go home Sunday night- well, if not, lol, they can find me in the Spring!

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