Saturday, September 27, 2008

Enough for today!

Today I have managed to make only 2 cards, although I have some beautiful Halloween alcohol ink backgrounds done. Still, I have spent way too much time on the computer, having fun!

Can a familiar person tell me how to contact people who leave comments? I am guessing that it isn't always possible; that's why blog candy winners have to contact the hostess, right?

My photographs are bad and worse. Can you tell me at what pixels the photos have to be to upload? The second card today is at 650, and it is blurry. I tried to upload one that was about 1100 x 1100, and it wouldn't upload- although, I had two at once, lol, maybe that's why!

My goal for blogging is to show you the things I make, to inspire you to make some, too! I want to give you the instructions you need, and give you good photos- so let me know!


Alex said...

I think you are doing great mom- did your photo box come?

Katie Renz said...

Not sure what my pixels are on my camera, but I don't ever shrink them down and I only upload one at a time just because of what you stated. It seems like more than one takes forever. If I do shrink down, I manually put in 400x600, but that's because my husband tells me too.

Don't know if I was any help, but I do hope you have a great Sunday.