Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halloween Is In The Air!

Last night and this morning is the first time the wood stove has burned continuously this season; it's not too cold, just wet and chilly. The pumpkins are on the porch... and politicians at debate. Ha! Something wicked this way comes!

I love Explosion Boxes. I don't have a pattern, I was copying an explosion box I bought. I am sure there are patterns out there- You need to have four sheets of 12 x 12 stiff cardstock. Thinner cs will push down and sag when you go to put the lid on.

The paper and the original box were purchased from my local paper shop, All Things Paper in North Hampton, NH. I promise I will do a better job as I begin blogging of giving details of products used.

I made the little tree from floral wire and tape, then pained it with acrylics- theones in the bottles. The little bats are punched and glued on, sandwiching the wire between 2 bats, and using Ultimate Glue. Probably any sticky glue would work. I did use tweezers, since the glue was sticking to my fingers and so were the bats!
Yes, those are Lindt balls in Halloween wraps. Believe me, they were eaten before the camera shutter closed for the last shot!
The bats on the sides are stickers, the top label is PapertreyInk's Spooky Sweets II, the ribbon is from Michaels~ please ask me anything I forgot!


Jak said...

Wow Beth this is great, you have been busy.

Sandy said...

oooh, I love All Things Paper--it's just a block or two from where my hubby works, but I am STILL waiting for him to get the hint that I would love a gift certificate from there.
I saw explosion boxes there, and then I saw yours--great ideas you've got going there, Beth.

cindi rousseau said...

are those halloween Lindt truffles in that awesome box?

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

This is ADORABLE! LOVE what's inside. . .so cool!

Jennifer Holmes said...

Oh my, this is too cute! And I see you are wasting no time getting to work on this blog thing! You're doing great!

Katie Renz said...

Very cute. I really like the way the ribbon is weaved through the lid.