Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August Papertrey Guest Star Stamper Submissions

Before I talk about the Shop Hop, Sandy, lol, thought I'd show this month's Guest Star Stamper entries over at Papertrey. This month we were to use buttons in some way. Papertrey buttons come in all sizes and shapes, as well as colors. Each bag matches one color, but within each bag is a cacophony of buttons in a full range of tints that match.

My Birthday entry used buttons from the Vintage Cream and White collection, I wish you could see the buttons in real life! The middle one is especially fun! I colored a printed paper from the Black and White collection with the Limepeel Prisma marker. The flowers are Hibiscus Burst and Raspberry Fizz, cut out with a Sizzix die. Little Savvy Stamps flowers were threaded through the button holes and glued on. Sentiment is from Birthday Basics, of course, with cream twill and a few more buttons to finish it off!

On our Shop Hop we saw lots of Amuse stamps and cards, and I fell in love with how simple they are. My Christmas Button entry used Rustic Branches on Stamper's Select, stamped in Spring Moss and Ripe Avocado. I double stamped the Spring Moss solid leaves, so that when I stamped the single line leaves, there was a bit of a shadow of leaf to one side. Next came the weensiest red buttons you have ever seen, bought at Stamping Memories in Belmont, NH (also on our hop). At 14 buttons, lol, I might win the prize for the most on a card! Actually, that center is only about 2.5 x 3 inches, so I must win for the most buttons in the smallest surface area! The printed paper is Vintage Holiday, used with Pure Poppy of course- the entire card is just about 3.5 x 4.5. It 's not an exact size, it's a leftover piece I just folded over.

I do cookies the weekend before Christmas, and often put cards on the ribbons without envelopes. Bigger than a tag but smaller than an A2 card, this will work well if I just punch a hole on the inside, and thread some curling ribbon through.

lol, here is my entry in the Big Black Button contest. I took the biggest black button, the one that wouldn't even fit in the jar, and covered it in black flocking. Strips of black cs with points at the ends became the legs; a couple of googlies brought him to life! I oopsed and gave him 6 legs before I flocked him. Later that day I watched a spider crawl by me downstairs (don't gasp, they catch the skeetos, just don't let them bite you, lol! Ok, come out of your faint, now!) and realized they have 8 legs, silly. That's how the 'BOO' tag was born.

The web is glitter through a brass stencil, held on with the Essential Glue pad tapped through the stencil. Polka Dot Basics 2 has the tiny dots; stamped on Summer Sunrise it sure makes for a wonderful Halloween background! I wrapped a bit of the darker twine around the corners of the web just for effect-

Hope you enjoyed my cards, and that they give you some inspiration!


Taheerah said...

Love your entries Beth, favourite has to be the bright card with the flowers, very fun! And there was me thinking you just did baby cards, lol ...

Your spider card made me chuckle - when I saw it in the gallery I stared around for a while trying to spot the 'big black button' before realising it must have been the body, lol!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Aimes said...

Beth your entries are fab! I definitely think you should win for the most buttons in the smallest area LOL!
Also love how your 'Boo' tag was created - good job you only gave that lil' spider 6 legs to start with as that tag is the perfect finishing touch!

Claire Brennan said...

these are excellent Beth!! I'm just trying to catch up on blogging I've missed lately - and RE: your comment - It's the small stuff that keeps the world turning Beth - very few folks realise that secret. Count yourself one of the intelligent few.