Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alcohol Inks

Thought you might be getting tired of seeing baby cards, and I was finally able to take a break between making and delivering to take some photos!! I love working with alcohol inks, and have been stockpiling blues and greens. I had a little pile of purples, so here's what happened!

The greens come from Adirondack colors, and the deep purple did as well. The purple was made by taking the little oval sponge tip on a handle that Adirondack sells, dipping it in ink, and mushing it down one at a time in a semi-circle to form flower petals. You can take the gold pilot pen with a tiny tip and create flower centers, too. Slice up the paper close to the petals to give an 'inchie' feel, edge with the gold pilot pen, and layer away.

This card got a gold lame bow (Papertrey gold ribbon) after I saw the photo and decided it was a bit drab. Also, that is a gold Happy birthday sticker. I am always hesitant to stamp sentiments on alcohol if I don't have another piece to work with if I smear the ink. For that reason stickers work well!

These are Pinata inks, they are brighter than Adirondack. The ferns are punched out from regular paper, with just a few punched from the blue/green mix of the alcohol inked paper. The pink and lavender flowers are a mix of Adirondack, Pinata, and Copic refills. Yes, that's right! Since Copic ink is alcohol based, you can use the refills just like any other alcohol ink! Doesn't that open up a treasure trove of color! Speaking of opening up, be advised that the Copic refills are not always easy to open, and will squirt all over if you are not paying attention to what you are doing!!

The flowers are punched with a Carl punch, and have a bit of spica pen dazzled around for some glitter, and little gold dots from one of the sticker pages. That's a gold sticker Dragonfly, too, with very glittery wings!

The base card is Bazzil bling, turned inside out~ The bling side didn't match the greens, but the backside did, lol- then I had to cover that bling side with PTI's Vintage Cream, lol...

Next came one with pearls- different flower punch, different leaf punch, but essentially the same card~

Hope you have enjoyed today's cards!!


Cindy Holshouser said...

How beautiful. Here is a technique I haven't tried before. They look like batique paintings:)

Claire Brennan said...

Never get tired of those baby cards but these are pretty delicious!!! No idea how you do it of course!! lol

Mary K said...

I've never tried alcohol inks, but I always love when you post yours Beth. They always turn out to be such beautiful little works of art.

Claire Brennan said...

OOOOOHHH aaaahhhhh these are magic Beth!!!