Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!

Yes, I've been out gallivanting, with the animals, lol!! Over the past week I have spent free time with the DD~ she's sitting in a recliner, 26 weeks pregnant, with a broken ankle. That happened last Sunday dismounting from a horse on the sandy beach. Surgery has been delayed until this coming Tuesday to allow swelling to go down. Then they'll put some hardware in and she should be all fixed! Sweet thing that she is, she won't take anything stronger then Tylenol because she doesn't want pain medication to the baby...

Thursday I started a new job. Same place, same team, but no routine nights so that is a good thing. A job was created- all education- so a job description was written, but this job is brand new and I know I will fumble through for a while. I can't say it has been stressful this week, just a wee bit confusing. Framework and parameters will be needed, lol...

The baby shower invitations are out, I ended up doing about 20, way moire than I thought I would need. They aren't the cutest, but I couldn't share with my cohort- the DD- since they are for her baby shower! Since she is stuck in a recliner, lol, I guess I can put it up later today! Good thought!!

This coming Thursday is the sweater festival in Hartford, CT. The sweater isn't done. Oh dear.

I was so lucky to have done some trades with Terri in Colorado, Sandy in PA, and Angy in Italy for baby cards, and have gotten through this rough week not needing to make any myself. Phew!!

So, enough complaining. I have seen every sunrise and sunset this week, and that's a good thing! Hey! Just getting out of bed in the morning is a good thing!!

Thanks for listening-

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Claire Brennan said...

LOL, Beth - I popped two baby cards in the post, hopefully you'll get them while you still need them! lol! sounds like a hands full week you're having!