Saturday, October 24, 2009


Not sure if you can see this ok, since the show folks took the photo and emailed it to me. I hope you can see the sweaters Mom and I made this year. When I get home, I'll take a close-up photo!


Sandy in Epping said...

OH WOW! A celebrity in our midst! How cool is that, anyway, Beth?!!
Those sweaters are sensational, too. Knitting, stamping, quilting, no wonder you gave up all those other "bad habits"!!! LOL
And... that is definitely a more portable hobby than the stamping.
(makes me think I should dust off me grannie's old books and needles and 'give it a go' again--even if it is only baby hats).
Love your work.

Claire Brennan said...

FAB!!! wow - those are fab cardigans!! (sweaters) you are a woman of many awesome talents and you do a job that actually makes a difference too! - I used to sell curtains! Beth you are a star!!