Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tiny Little Hands- What a Failure!

Have you ever started doing something, and when you get into it know it isn't gong to work, but continue anyway? How's that for a long-winded sentence??
So really, these (there were two) were quite the mishap. That cute hand printed paper is vellum, and I used Versafine Onyx Black, knowing that maybe it wouldn't dry well. But, being me, and under pressure, I packaged them up in a cello bag and headed off to the hospital right after the photo was taken. When I got to the office, I went to hand them over and yup'per...smeared all over, dang nab it!
Luckily, I had mounted the vellum on white with brads, so was able to salvage the layers under it. Home I went, and re-did both of them. First thing I did when I got home was to cut the hands and feet off of the stamp-I never really liked them there anyway. Stamped the sentiment in brown on white card, then mounted on the vellum with dimensional. Much better!


Cindy Holshouser said...

Yes I have done that - just did a card for Dawn's current color challenge and got done and didn't take a pic because I don't like it. This is darling Beth - glad you got a little stampin' time in:)

Val said...

Yep, I've done that too. I'm always too impatient to let the ink dry before I move on to the next step. Very cute card. Love the little hand prints.

Diane Jaquay said...

Me, stamping mishaps, NEVER bwahaha! Actually, this kind of things happens to me all the time ;) I think your card is BEAUTIFUL Beth, really precious!!

Wahinelei said...

Your card is adorable! Im too afraid to work with vellum because Im always smearing it. Lucky you were able to make it right~!