Saturday, February 27, 2010

All ok!

Just a quick update- we made it through the second night, but lol, really? We have no furnace anyway, we have always flushed out toilet with buckets of gray water (and there is plenty of water around!!), coffee from a coffee pot on a Coleman stove is better than drip and the head of the household does all the cooking, the smooshed car was a junker anyway, and if you just change your hours to awake at daylight and bed at sunset... well, then... what's the big deal??

The folks in Chile are to be thought about, and those who live in the path of tsunamis, my golly, in comparison, life is good for me!

I just placed my third Papertrey order this month (just for the butterfly and egg dies!), and after I hit send I realized I could have added some things I've been wanting. Next trip to the library I'll bring a list, lol!!


Claire Brennan said...

You're a trooper Beth, I'd never last, lol!

Cheryl said...

You are wonderful, Beth. I'm glad you are okay.

Sandy Kay said...

I just love your attitude, Beth!