Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yes, we're on for a while, anyway, lol! We'll have the power off again tomorrow, not sure for how long or for how many days. So here's the story:

Those wonderful electric and tree cutting folks have been so good about getting our town back to order. Last night at 10 pm they were just finishing up a major line intersection, and shortly afterward, lights not one mile from us were back on. Yesterday afternoon we got phone service! Turns out the lovely phone people have chained generators to the phone poles around town, and the generators are running the phone lines. Who knew land lines needed electric to work??

Now, remember, we have three poles down on the ground beyond me on our dead end dirt lane. Today, our electirc popped on! Lo and behold, so did the electric in the lines on the ground- holy toledo!! My 78 year old mother dialed up the kindly electric folks, and told them all about the explosion, flames, and dancing lines on the ground (so, I never knew hot wires on the ground would dance, did you?), and how if she went outside she was afraid she would get killed, and how when my brother drove back in over the lines, no doubt he would not know the lines were live and probably would get killed as well. All in her calm, 78 year old voice, lol!! So the kindly lady tells her the power company was happy she called, and to please not go outside until they sent someone to investigate. I had no idea what was going on because I whimped out and drove an hour away to DD #1 to get a shower. Mom calls to tell me the power is back on, but there was an explosion and flames off of the porch in the lane, and while it's nice the power is on, but maybe I shouldn't bring the little boys back since the tops of the poles that were still standing were on fire, too, and maybe they shouldn''t be around what with the lines live and all. All in her calm, 78 year old voice. 10 minutes later the fire trucks and police arrive, with a line of tree cutters and electric folks, too! The power went off again, the lines beyond my mom were detached, but they strung her right lines, I mean!! Turned the power back on to her, which got me power as well. Yippee!! No flames, no live wires, and all of the wires hanging low are tighted up.

Now, my brother on the other side will have to have new poles on his side. So in the melee of sirens and flashing lights, she also tells the nice men who are working on dousing the flames all about my brothers handicapped son who is on the other side of all of the trees and poles and burning lines, and how lucky we have been that he hasn't had any seizures for days (this is true), and how we haven't had to get him out quickly- aren't we so lucky?? And golly gee whiz, at this very moment they are still out there chopping away at trees and poles, lol. I'm tempted to show them the car under the tree and see if they will cut that out, too.

Such a long story! They'll turn us off again tomorrow, so they can start getting poles up beyond my mom, so everyone beyond us can turn off their generators and get back to life as usual. And if the fire trucks and ambulances need to get beyond Mom, they can, and she'll stand on her porch and wave at them as they go by.

But really, I know you came for a card of two.

Baby Button Bits. I messed up the first version stamping by candle light, so had to cut out the rattles, and since I did that, they got little bows made from floss, too. Sorry I didn't pop them up... next time I will! Buttons from Vintage Buttons Sweet Blush and Spring Rain, Sweet Blush Satin and Spring Rain Gingham ribbons. All Papertrey, of course!


Cathy Weber said...

These cards are really cute. You'd never know you made them in the dark!

Sherry said...

Darling cards!!

Things have been rather crazy for you....glad things are starting to return to normal!

Linda W said...

So glad you are all okay and things are progressing back to normal. You write such an interesting blog. I don't find it long-winded at all. Your cards are adorable and I give you added credit for even trying to work by candlelight.

Anonymous said...

Beth, sweet cards! Glad to see you have some power, its good to see your face around here again!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Hello Beth,

What lovely cards. I also like your blog hop card with the baby boy. I've been away and oh my! you have been through so much with the winter storms that just keep rolling through! Hope all of your family is safe and warm soon.

Mary I said...

Glad that you're all OK and that the power company is being so responsive.

I'm glad that you're still getting some baby cards made with all that's been happening.

Becky said...


Pat said...

You are one dedicated stamper - stamping by candlelight! I love the floss that you used on them. Your 78 year old mother sounds like my 86 year old mom. Characters, aren't they?

Diane Jaquay said...

These are so sweet Beth! I love how you scalloped two of the card edges, very unique!

Pauline said...

Wow, those cards are beautiful! Stamping by candle light - you are truly dedicated!! Hope you're keeping warm, Pauline xx

Aimes said...

Oh I love the CAS design of these! Those scalloped edges are gorgeous!
I hope you're getting back to bit more normality now!