Sunday, May 9, 2010

20 Pages 20 Pounds Challenge Update

I was lucky that I bought some Dillon's Laser Design's pages at CKC Manchester last week, so my first pages of my challenge to myself were relatively quick to put together. The kayak I photographed Jayson in really is brilliant blue, and the spring grass was neon green, so that determined the pages colors. I felt so good using the Cricut for the title; it's what I bought it for, and have used it very few times! The little 'quad' (as Jay says) and canoe (couldn't find a kayak) are Jolees, buttons are from the stash.
Yay me!! 2 pages down, 18 to go!
I have been a bit slow with the hospital's cards, so while I have been making them, they have to go in before I get them photographed. It is true that with the 365 cards, not all of them have been easy to translate into baby cards; I have decided I will bypass the harder ones- this one though, Betsy Veldman's for May 6, was easy!! And cute!!

And now the weight: Drum roll, please>>>> 4 pounds in one week! Woo Hoo! About 6 years ago I lost weight, so I know that four pounds in one week is not sustainable, but still, I sure am happy about it!!

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Alex said...

gosh, jay had some curls! How quickly you forget... glad you got the pages done!