Saturday, May 1, 2010

A BIG challenge!!!

Well, this is a BIG challenge I am giving myself, but I sure do hope you will follow along with me!

How About-

20 pounds, 20 pages, 20 weeks, 365 cards!!?!

So, I need to lose weight, I need to get the babies all scrap booked, and I need to do it now! Along with making the baby cards, of course, lol!!

I figure 20 pages is really just 10 layouts, and I already have bought lots of 'almost done' scrapbook pages, so maybe that one isn't so hard- but golly, just thinking about sorting photos and making decisions is daunting! I am going to see if my friends on the Papertrey forums will help me!

Oh lordy, I think I am wearing a size 16, I am afraid to look. Just 6 years ago I was a size 10. what happened? Menopause and semi-retirement, I guess. 10 years ago I lost 25 pounds; it's time to dust off the books I used. It was low carb and low cal, a lot of Atkins and pickles to fill me up. I exercised then, too, but I just don't know where to fit that in my days, now. How many calories does cutting with scissors burn? Oh wait! I know!! I will use the Cuttlebug everyday, surely cranking burns tons of calories!!

Where do the 365 cards come in?

365 cards!
ETA: Ok the real name of the book is A Card A Day, it's a Leisure Arts publication (although it also has 'Paper Crafts' on the top), and you can buy it here!

What a great book this is! I bought it at the Manchester CKC show yesterday (along with just a few other things!!)and since today was May first, well, what do you know?!? Baby cards!!

I have only skimmed through it, and haven't really looked at the photos, but what I have seen is so fun! See, I thought this page was the card for the first of May, but when I turned the page after I made the two baby cards May 1 had a different card. ETA: the May card I did is on page 53, and the Designer is Wendy Sue Anderson.

I did both boy and girl, the cards are just a bit different since I didn't have any rectangular chipboard embellishments to use, but generally they are the same.
Background papers for both are from Nana's Nursery. That's a Waltzingmouse stamp on the boy card- since today was Claire's May release I had WMS on the brain.
The boy card looks washed out here, It is stamped in Papertrey's Aqua Mist, and is much brighter in real life! Interestingly, the WMS circle image is stamped in Summer Sunrise, and is much softer IRL. I need to stop playing around with the color and saturation, lol!!


Brenda Weaver said...

What a great way to challenge yourself! You can do it!!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Great book for helping you make all those beautiful baby cards! Good luck on your goals.

pattylt said...

Beth, these cards are adorable (well, actually all your cards are adorable!) Just want to wish you the best of luck with the "twenty's"! Make some more of those 2 cards, too. They are really cute.

Cathy Weber said...

I love your baby cards! Good luck with your self-challenge! I can't wait to see some of your pages.

Melissa said...

These are some great challenges! Your baby cards are adorable! I need to get back to scrapbooking and I've started a new program for losing weight too.

C Stephens said...

Beautiful cards and great challenge Beth!

jimlynn said...

Awesome challenges you've undertaken! While you're losing the weight, lose some for me too PLEASE!!!! Your cards are precious - but then I love all your work. Good luck with the challenges - you can do it!