Monday, June 14, 2010

Love these things!

I'm just loving my new camera; I took all these pictures of things I love the most, and uploaded them without editing- this little guy is really why I got the camera, lol!

Well, I did crop a shadow out of the wildflowers- but that's just user error, lol, I was pretty sure the shadow of my head would be distracting. Gosh, I fancy myself a real photographer, now!

The last is wondering if the lens/camera stabilizer really works. Look at the DH's left foot; it's lifting off of the ground because he is walking towards me. Walking, talking and swatting a bug, too! I'm stunned; not a bit of blur here! Next time I'll have him walk towards me without the sun in his eyes, I guess~

Sigh- I am in photo heaven!


Carol's Ink Spot said...

Fabulous photos! Have fun with the new toy!

Alex said...

Yipee. They look great on the 'puter

Stamper for fun said...

Beth, your new camera is really capturing clear beautiful colors. Love your photos.


Kelley M. Palmer said...

Wow - incredible - and what a great photo of Wes!!! :)