Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A new to me technique and a Very Smart Little Boy!

Most of the time I make cards and I think- gosh, that's nice! Or more often 'Well, that's pretty cute'. Every once in a while, though, I can stun myself with something I make. This is one of those times.

I wanted to make a clear card, like Nichole did in her video here.

I started with PTI's clear card stock, and cut and folded as per Nichole's instructions. Rather than stamp and color, I wanted to see through the card, so I used a large rub-on directly onto the front of the card. Since there is no glue to see from the back, I didn't need to put a layer on the inside.

Next I took a piece of Stamper's Select white cut just a bit larger than the front image, and put a matching rub-on rose on the bottom left corner. I put Tombow on the back, and stuck it to the inside. Next I put the Happy Birthday rub-on directly under the big rose, so you can't see the sentiment from the outside. Of course, now there was glue to be seen from the back, so just like Nichole, I put a layer of Berry Sorbet on the very back, and it forms a mat for the front as well.

How cool is that?

You can exit now, or read my little story that follows~

All of my grandchildren are very, very, intelligent, and by golly, they can be pretty smart, too! Every once in a while I can be startled by how smart they are- like yesterday, for instance.
This is Jay, he is four. He's learnig to read and write and is very proud of himself for that. Yesterday he decided to stay with Poppy and I when his momma went shopping. After an hour of playing Candy Land, we decided to go next door to his house.
When we got to his house, there on the front door was taped a 4 x 6 card, with lots of letters and numbers written on it.
'Why Jay! What's this say?' I asked.
He kneeled down in front of the door, and ran his fingers over the letters, tracing over them slowly. 'It says, I love my Grandma!'
My heart melt. I got all warm and fuzzy. I hugged him and told him I loved him too. He grinned his little sheepish grin.
30 seconds later, his Grandpa came up to the door. He too, saw the card with letters and numbers taped to the door 'Hey Jay! What's this say?'
I couldn't wait to hear that little voice say 'I love my Grandma' once again. He went down on his knees, put his little fingers on those sweetly written letters and numbers and traced them out once again.
'It says, I love my Poppy!'
Such a smart boy!!!


Nadine said...

Wow Beth that is a STUNNING card! I'd be amazed myself if I made something that gorgeous. I've had a bad luck with clear cardstock and didn't want to touch it again but I just may have to try it again with rub-ons. Thanks for sharing!

Jay sounds very smart! And a charmer too!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

So Beautiful! You have answered one of my questions I have had on the PTI forum too. I just cannot seem to get my clear card to fold nicely. I must not be creasing the folded edge enough. Now to learn how to keep it clean!

Moodyblue said...

Love that card, Beth!

Monica K. said...

Beautiful card, Beth!! Very stunning!! Your grandson is so cute!

Karen H. said...

This is awesome! I love how the inside rose peeks through but seems totally part of the front. What a great idea to use a rub-on for the front. Thanks for sharing!

Karen W said...

This is just gorgeous, I will go and watch the video also, I have some clear CS but don't know much about using it. Thanks so much!

Dana said...

Love your Jay story! Clever little grandson you have there Beth!
The card is also amazing...stunning really. Great idea to use rub ons!

Alex said...

Jay is too cute!