Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh Thank Heaven for Little Spools of Ribbon

Have you all bought some of the littlest spools of ribbon in the big craft stores? The 99 cent ones? Yes, I know you have. Have you liked them? Have you used them? I bet no on both questions. Sigh. I have more than just a couple of rolls. I have waaayyy too many, actually. So when I was sorting things out to send to the yard sale, I pulled a bunch of them out to recycle- but I just couldn't do it, lol! So here they sit beside the table in a big container... waiting for inspiration. I opened one the other day, determined to not only use it, but use it up in one card making session!

First up: Oh Thank Heaven for Little Boys. Single sided- double sigh.

Tried to go quick and easy; this is a card I have done before. I love the little train from SU- put a score line about one inch up from the bottom of the card and you have a 'ground' for the train. The sentiment is from PTI's Baby Button Bits. The ribbon made a nice big bow, but I lost some of the sentiment because i was too cheap to move it more to the left- I would have lost a lot of the ribbon when I trimmed up the bow. I know, I know, the goal was to get rid of it- but still, I couldn't bring myself to cut so much off!

The second card is another quick and easy. Hard to tell, maybe, but the blue Nesty oval under the image is PTI's new Blueberry Sky- it just happened to match the ribbon! Used Copics on the Lockhart image. Tied the ribbon into a knot because I could see the end coming, but I didn't want to waste too much!

Here's what was left after 2 cards, lol... just about 6 inches! See the tape, though? I hate it when I need the last eeny weeny bit of ribbon and there is sticky tape residue on it!

Last up- just wrap the ribbon around some card stock and call it done!! Lol, I let the ribbon be the sentiment, and gosh, no stamping here!! That is a MS punch, and the darker blue is Enchanted Evening. My MS punches don't all work on PTI paper, but this one did ok since it is a bigger image punch, I think. The white carriage is a big plastic one I got from the dollar store (like a hundred of them for a dollar, lol, guess that should be my next challenge to self!!
Blue ribbon on the carriage is an old SU organdy- wish PTI had some organdy!!


Carol's Ink Spot said...

What fabulous and beautiful baby cards! Clever way to use the last six inches of that ribbon too. I do have those thin ribbons - all for this coming holiday but just never use it!!! I think it is time to get them out and place them in front of me while creating. (thanks for the push!)

Jen Carter said...

These are so cute Beth! Great job!

Alex said...

Love the second one, and the MS punch is adorable!