Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Papertrey Pages

Wow, these pages photographed very light, they are much more primary then they look!

This month's challenge was to use 3 ribbons and 3 buttons on your pages... I figured I'd do more than that, but guess what?!? Just 3! I used New Leaf and Blueberry Sky paper for the photograph layers, the Title, and the frogs. the shadow of the frogs (from Cricut's Create a Creature) is True black. The buttons are in the title, o's and the exclamation point dot. Ribbons are from New Leaf and Blueberry Sky line as well.

The hanging clothesline is the actual one from the shower cake, I've saved it all of these years! The grandchild is four, do you think it's time I made his album? The cake said 'Little Baby Lotta Laundry! and I had baby clothes hanging all over the room. Back then, though I did not have a great camera, so have no really good pictures of the shower.

In this close up you can see I did not think ahead to give me enough string to wrap around the back of the pages, when I cut it it just pulled towards the poles. I need to think about that, lol, and fix it with glue dots or something.

In addition, I printed off some of the photos and they are really grainy- so i caved and sent some to Snapfish to print. those are on the way but didn't make it in time. so much of the page is put together with removable glue, lol, and couldn't' be photographed standing up!


Linda said...

This is so sweet and the cake is so clever. Love the clothes line!!

Amy said...

What a cute layout! Love that banner with all the little clothes!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Cute layout and design! Like the tiny clothespins holding the 'laundry'.