Friday, October 1, 2010

September Papertrey Pages

This months Papertrey Pages Challenge was to use only paper on your page(s). Lol, as the person who issued the challenge, I wasn't even sure I could stay to the rules. So, I did say that if you were 'forced' by the page, we would all understand if a button or brad ended up there!

My page is a single one this month; it is the first page of one of the grandbaby books- and yes, I am only 4 years late for getting this done, lol- hence the challenges for me!

All of the scrapbooks for my DD #2 have been titled like this: 2004: The Year of the Train (when one of the grands loved Thomas, 2005: the year of the house- when there was a new house for them. Since this really is one of a series of books for them, it drives the title page for this album!!

The paper I used is purchased from a person who sells digital papers, but I did not download them- she did. She sells kits with names and dates that you want, in the colors you want. I have lost the tag that came with these pages, but I can search harder if anyone is desparate to know- let me know, lol!!

I decided I wanted to try and only use paper and words- no paper buttons, or paper ribbon, or any other embellishment- just plain old paper and ink!!

I needed to get everything pretty straight, since the paper is printed with a very straight font. So here's how I did that:

First I anchored the page to my Making Memories magnetic mat, then I took some of Papertrey's Bakers Twine and achored it with magnets down the center line of the page as well as across the point where I wanted the stamped words to be.

Lol, then I stopped and did the math for how many letters I would have, and the spaces, and where the center of the sentiment would fall. I also did some math for where the words would start and stop on the paper, but I had such a hard time with this one I can't show you the scratch paper I worked that out on, lol lol lol!!

Next I laid out Outlines Alphabet along the bakers twine, then picked the letters up with the acrylic block. Obviously, I had to move the bakers twine to work the center letter.

Once I had the letters on the block, I checked for straightness and auditioned different inks, and ultimately used Enchanted Evening- the teensy bit of blue paper under the photo is Enchanted Evening as well. By the way, the light blue paper came with the kit, so I do not know who makes it.

I cut the twine when I actually stamped the words, since I needed to have a visual clue both left and right to line up with.

I didn't like how the letters looked just stamped, so I colored some of the words with a Dark Green Prisma marker- they have a really fine point, so that worked well. I stamped the word year on Enchanted Evening paper and cut it out and glued the letters over the word I had stamped.
2006 and Baby are cut out with a Cricut Calligraphy cartridge, using Enchanted Evening and the light blue paper.

I used a Martha Stewart baby themed punch to add a bit of color to the sides of the photo- punched from Enchanted Evening paper.
I'm happy with how this came out- lots for the eyes to look at, even though there is only one photo. I think a flat page will work well as the first page of the album.
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Lee Anne said...

Wow!! I'm stunned. So much work went into this page. I just couldn't stop looking at it. It is a work of art. I would let it sit out awhile and admire it on my desk if I were you. You really lived up to your challenge, and I appreciate your technique in getting things straight. Thanks for the tips.

Amy said...

Wonderful layout! Looks like a lot of work went in to this one. Love your tip for using the baker's twine to line everything up. I'm a perfectionist so I'm definitely going to try this trick next time I stamp on a page.