Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another 3-D baby card

I really do love the 3 D paper cuts, and they are much easier to find then they used to be. If there are only 3 layers, they mail pretty well, and with only 3 layers the nurses don't tear them apart putting them in and out of envelopes. I wobble back and forth between liking the punch out kind and the cut out kinds. Today I like the cut out kinds because the punch out ones you have to cut the teensy tabs left from the perforations.

The card is a premade one; ones that I am trying to use up and promise myself never to buy again (they fade too quickly).

I wish I hadn't cut such a big hole for the ribbon on the front, at least it isn't so visible when the card is shut. Next time, I'll stamp the sentiment a little bit closer to the image; it looks a little low to me in the photo!

1 comment:

Lee Anne said...

I love this card. The colors are perfect for either gender and I adore that sentiment. I like the placement of your bow and am intrigued by the way you cut it. Hmm...must try that!