Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So New, So Loved

Are you ready for the cutest smooshed baby face you have ever seen?

Taa Daa! I think it is so cute, yet so funny!

The words are a Sizzix alphabet and Papertrey's Vintage Cream card stock. I used the Big Kick machine to cut them out since the Cuttlebug was not so successful cutting the narrow font. The 'loved' word is a foam alphabet stamp, done with acrylic paint.

That's a chipboard heart, layered with a piece of Papertrey's Chocolate Remix paper, then edged with Sweet Blush ink, and layered with a button.

Start to finish, 30 minutes. No lie! Was up drinking coffee at midnight ready to get to work at 1 am, the phone rang on the second sip and they told me to stay home. Now what???? I knew the next scrapbooking task was a Title page, and I had a photo but no ideas. Upstairs with coffee. Bam. 30 minutes. Done. I love it when it happens!

Thought you might like to see the tree- I see lots of beautiful photos of lit trees at night, but I have no idea how to take a picture like that! So you get my washed out nighttime photo where you can't see the flickering candle lights.


Noora said...

So pretty! tha baby is the cutest, for real! 30 mins?!! how do you do that...teach me..;P

Alex said...

Super cute... you need to take the shot at night with no flash. steady on something and hold the camera REAL still or it will blur... does daddy have a tripod?

Linda said...

Beth this is lovely. And you gave me an idea. Talking little books. How about each page being headed by So...
Just keep adding descriptive words till you run out of pages or pictures. Now all I need is a baby. Want to loan me one?

Carol's Ink Spot said...

The baby photo is so cute and so funny at the same time! Lovely page. Cute little tree with the village below. I don't have a tree because of five cats. Never survives!

Barbara DeBose said...

Beth I love this layout and the color combination. If you can do this in 30 minutes I have a stack of pictures you can help me out with. ;)