Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Take Three: Spring Boy Bunnies

Isn't it sweet? That is New Leaf paper cut with a new punch. the bunnies, beleive it or not, are stamped with Ppaertrey's non-functioning Spring Rain ink. It functioned fine this time, lol!! It did seem to look better with Blueberry Sky paper, go figure- and that's a Michael's ribbon that matches New Leaf well enough.

Just got a punch in the gut- my brothers son who has multiple handicaps (and is 24 hour care) has just been denied funding for the rest of the year. That means he will be turned out of his 'school' on Friday, and must come home- with no care providers. He is over 18, and Social Security should be covering him, but who knows how these things work- not me. Apparently the money is funneled through the state, and the State of Maine has said no, sorry, we have no moeny. My brother is too shocked to explain to me how that works. My first response was 'let's go put him on the governor's steps with a sign that says 'homeless' and see how fast they send him back to school, since we have no legal obligation to care for him (since he is over 18). Ok, other than that, let's all gather our calendars and see how many days we can each give without losing our jobs. Monday, July 1, we will sit down together and figure out what the options are, and which of us will have to quit their job to care for him.

If any of you are going through this, or have been through this, can you let me know what the options are??


Lee Anne said...

That border is beautiful and I love the Spring Rain bunnies!! What a happy card - it makes me smile!

Marybeth said...

Cute, cute, cute spring bunny card!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Pretty card. Need to finish my sets with the Spring one. Sorry to read about the State dropping the funding for your nephew. Does the school he was attending have any resources for the family to follow up with?

Jen Carter said...

That is really pretty! Love the colors you used and that border looks adorable!