Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pioneer Woman Survives!!

Yes, we have power again! 5 days without was the longest I think I have gone in recent memory, lol, and I survived! With the DH away, I was alone for half of it. When he got home he was aptly impressed to learn I still had water to spare, the fire had only gone out on the warmest day and I did that to shovel ashes out, and that I made 'drip' coffee instead of boiled. hey, I just heated the water on the wood stove and poured it through the little mesh basket on the dripolater!

I have decided to put off buying a camera until after December 26 when the credit card rolls over, lol. If I don't post often between now and then, you'll know it is either because the Holidays are keeping me busy or gosh, I haven't any photos to share!

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