Sunday, December 7, 2008


Two apologies: I haven't posted in a week- work has been in my face, and golly, with Christmas coming, I couldn't say no! We've had 3 people from my shift quit, one without notice... so I've been working some open shifts. My DH and I try and live very simply. Being on dial up and having no cell phone means you can't go on the computer when you volunteer to be on call.
My other apology is in case you have seen the pillow case before. I made it for a PTI Blog Hop
back in the fall, so thought you might like to see it now. I stamped the images from Believe on white muslin (not cream) with Versafine ink, heat set, then colored in with Prisma markers, being very careful to stay away from the black lines as the markers did bleed a little. I contemplated buying some fabric markers, but never did. It might have been a better idea!! I have no idea how this is going to wash, and I may end up doing it by hand. The fabric is from a few years back, it is designed by Debbie Mumm. I liked the final project, with or without stamping, and I now have fabric for a dozen more pillow cases!
The DH is away for a week... Today my plan is to make 6 wreaths and deliver them, do the dishes, keep the fire going, clean the Living Room, decorate the Living Room, make 4 baby cards, make a dinner for 5 and take it next door to watch the Patriots football game (we don't have a TV, so I have to buy the football games with food, lol!!).
Think I"ll make it??

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Annapurna said...

I like your lifestyle. Lot of us have to take some lessons from you. When you think about it, cell phone only looks like $40.00, DSL is only $30 and Gym membership that I never go to is $70. There goes my $150 dollars. I may have to start cleaning up my act.

Coming to the point, you did a great job on these pillows. The coloring is absolutely perfect. Looks like it has been printed on. You are way too talented and patient.