Monday, February 16, 2009

Losing My mind!

I am considered an expert in some things. I can read medical and nursing journals and remember who said what when. I have written and published journal articles that get quoted in other peoples articles. I have gone places and done things... and can remember them. Hold that thought.

One of my New Year's resolutions was -is- to keep my computers in good working order; to delete files when I am done with them, do updates, and, you know, do the compressions and defragment when my computers cry at me to do so.

In cleaning up my documents today I came across this photo. I have no memory of making this card, nor of the stamp that I used. I wondered if maybe my DD had done it? I had to go search, and sure enough, there is the stamp: Lockhart Stamp Co. The sentiment is from SU. It looks to me that the yellow is PTI's Lemon Tart Twill. I'm guessing that the paper and double stitched ribbon is from SU. How did I color it? No clue.

The sad thing is that the photo is dated November 20. 3 months ago. That's it, I'm losing my mind!


Alex said...

i think its very cute- wherever it came from! oh, by the wy I think you forgot about the 1 milllion dollars you own me. dont worry, its ok- i didnt forget... you can pay me now.

Donelda said...

hehehehe, that is so funny - awesome card though...whoever made it :-)