Monday, August 2, 2010

I Was RAK'ed!!

And it was wonderful!! (ikes, that sounds sort of pornographic, or something)

Mary K., who is really Mary I., sent me the most wonderful pink and blue baby ribbon you can imagine...little rocking horses all in a row! Imagine my delight when I received one of those manila squishy envelopes in the mail- and I wasn't expecting anything!

Oh, but how to use it??? It isn't easy, lol! And since I really need to make 10 boy cards today, the pressure was on... here's what I came up with... for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to use that ribbon. So! One sorry little rocking horse all alone-

Now, stay with me here- this is the outside of one of the quick CAS cards I make when I am in a hurry. You can't see it, but there are 4 rows of score lines under the train, just to help ground it. Thing is, when I went to glue the ribbon on the back of the front, lol, I put the glue on the wrong side of the inside. That meant I had to put a layer in there, and since there are score lines on the other inside side, I put a blue layer in there, too. Just as I thought I was finished...

...a little blue horsie jumped into the card and asked to be glued down. I thought it best if I complied with his wishes!
So, Mary, out of the 10 feet of rocking horse ribbon, today I used 3/4 of one inch!!


Carol's Ink Spot said...

How adorable both your cards are! I love that little rocking horse embellishment. It gives both cards a special touch.

Alex said...

Ohhh, I love it! Right up my alley

Jill said...

How cute that ribbon is! What a nice RAKer! Great cards--I especially love the first, but it's too cute how the horses jumped in there on both of them!

Mary I said...

Very cute catds Beth! Have you tried to see if they fit on the onsie from Bitty Baby Blessings? That might be cute. I hope you enjoy finding even more creative ways to use them.