Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So frustrated!

Gee, I hope I am not becoming a grumpy old lady, lol... or is it true that in the hat of the summer I am not so forgiving and accepting????

The laptop is broken again-the fix lasted all of 4 days- the nice Geek Squad people will fix it again, but now it is gone for another 2 weeks.

My dialup won't upload photos for some reason, and now when I open blogger/my blog at the DD's house, it won't log me in- just takes me to a google search for blogger. Usually I can laugh these things off and wait for another day- but I have so many cards to show! I have been trying for 2 days to update my blog to no avail... Blogger on my dial up computer says the photo upload is done, but it never shows up on the posting in progress. What's up with that??

And to top it off, every time I open my blog in blogger, it says there are errors on the page... and then I can't do something...

To top it off, I have been stuck at a 12 pound weight loss for almost a week. Ok, it is tru that the fresh vegetables out of the garden are heavenly, and maybe I have been eating a bit more than I plan. But still, somewhere I read that if you cut down your calories by 200 a day, you are supposed to lose 20 pounds in a year. Or something like that. I have been cutting down about 500-600 calories a day, and will be happy if I can get to 20 pounds in one year.

Sigh- I'm just feeling a wee bit grumpy today.


Nadine said...

Ahhh poor Beth! Hope your day/week/month/year looks up soon! Maybe you should come over for a drink and chat? Then we'll go to the beach and watch the waves rolling in and you'll feel relaxed, peaceful, and happy. ;o)

Alex said...

oh, poor mom. come over. Wes will make it better

Belinda said...

awww, hope things start looking up for you! And I always feel that with every weight loss you go through a slight plateau before you start losing weight again -- almost like your body being like, "Are you sure you really want to lose weight? Are you sure you don't just want to eat a Twinkie instead?" Keep going Beth! You can do it!