Friday, February 18, 2011

Why I hate ordering on line, and why I hate UPS (today, anyway)

Anger is generally a worthless emotion, I try not to do it. Unfortunately, sometimes I fall into severe frustration instead, which is nomore helpful than anger.

I was too sick to order Monday night, but felt well enough to sit at the computer Tuesday am to do a PTI release order...yay for tummy for giving me a short break!!!

Can you weep with me?

I know my PTI order won't be here fast, it comes USPS and they won't deliver on the weekend, and won't deliver to the house anyway.

I did, though, want to reorganize this weekend. I ordered 8.5 x 11 ziplock bags to put the cardstock in, instead of leaving it in the flimsier plastic covers. Scheduled for UPS delivery Wednesday.

I ordered 50 calendar cases, I'm behind putting sets in cases, and have more sets on the way! Scheduled for UPS delivery Friday.

Ordered 2 of the cubbies for my copics, and plan a big marker purge this weekend... can't wait! Scheduled for delivery thursday.

So where am I on this Friday evening??

1. Have not even had a PTI shipping notice yet. It might come without one. The mail driver will putthe box in his car, drive to the mailbox, leave me a note that I can come to the PO once he gets back to the PO, except that is after closing hours. It's crazy, I tell you! He won't take the time to come the house.

2. Checked Wednesday delivery. Was an emergency, has gone back to the UPS hub, they will send me a postcard and I can go pick it up (30 minutes away) once I recieve the postcard. Ok, no bags... can't reorganize paper. This just means they didn't want to take the time to drive to the house. If the post card comes on Tuesday, I might be able to get the by Friday.

3. Calendar cases? Found them propped on the mailbox half a mile away... yay!! Guess he didn't want to drive down to the house

4. Cubbies? Says they were delivered to 'customer man', same as the calendar cases says. Must have been left at the mailbox at the same time... ah, no, not there, no cubbies. No lie, I drove down there having already been there, and stared at the mailbox again, lol. Just in case I didn't notice a huge box on top, or in the snow.

5. I wanna know how you guys call your local shipping hub, anyway. I call the 800 number, get a nice lady in Texas (remember, I'm in Maine and I just wanna talk to the dang driver!!) who says, ah gee, sorry, call the shipper and they'll start a claim. I bet I won't have cubbies for a month, unless I want to order 2 more, pay for them, and have them shipped USPS.

Going to go hide my head under the pillows now. Blah and double blah.

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Carol's Ink Spot said...

Oh Beth, I'm sorry for you. First, that you are not well. As for ordering on the night of the release, their server crashed. Some got in but many did not. I was one that had to wait until Monday morning to order. Most likely will not see the package for another week. You should set up with the UPS office in town that all orders just stay there. I think they can scan the package and it shows up on your phone or computer that it has arrived. And maybe you should have all USPS stuff just sit at their facility where you know it will be safer then out on the road. I have to say the UPS guys around here will usually come to our door if they can make it up the driveways. If the driveways are not clear of snow, they usually park the truck and hike it up the hills. Good luck to you. Feel better soon and hope to hear better news regarding your ordered items. Sending long distance HUGS!