Saturday, March 12, 2011

Distressingly Different!

Oh my, I like this one so much better!!! So let's call this my real Make It Monday(s) challenge card! The idea came in a flash, and it was done in a flash! Good thing, since the party is at noon tomorrow!

That's a kraft card base, scrunched up in my hands, then edged with Chai ink. I thought that was too light, so added Distress Ink (Frayed burlap) not only around the edges but just all over- plop plop- the front of the card.
Took a piece of Library Ledger paper and used Trajan Monogram alphabet to spell out my message. I then lit a candle and had some fun with smoke and flame around the edges, lol!!

Inside, I used another piece of the Library Ledger paper and stamped a Word Search backkground from SU upside down. Can you see Happy Birthday is pretty easy to see? I'm sure he'll get it- but there are a bunch of words in that word search puzzle! A bit of soot around those edges for fun, too!

What I didn't photograph is the combination for the cute safe that is the basis of this gift. I enclosed it in a tiny envelope stuck to the inside of the card, with warning messages all over it. Inside the safe are 2 different gift certificates, plus a fart'machine. ha! Perfect for a new 9 year old, right??

The safe is done up in newspaper and tied with Dark Chocolate Baker's Twine . The bag is stamped with more Trajan messages, also some warnings I did by hand. In addition there are some fingerprints all over the bag, but for some reason you can't see them-


Laura Isham said...

Oh my gosh, Beth! This is such a great project. My oldest son would love to get a gift like this!

Nadine said...

Fun, fun Beth!! Everything about your card and gift is oh so clever!! Love it!