Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Make It Mondays- Impression Plates

I love the Impression Plates, but the impression is so soft it's hard to photograph-

I needed a Birthday card that had a biblical quote, and someone suggested I look at Everyday Blessings. I did, and remembered how nice this set is. I went back to Nicholes release post, and sure enough...!...there was a perfect card there! This is almost a perfect CASE, but I thought the bottom layer would look good with the Giga Guidelines Impression plates, and then there was the Make It Monday here we are!

Here's a close-up- hope you can see that impression!! I usually use my Cuttlebug, but decided to give my CB away to someone who doesn't have one and doesn't have money to get one- I have a Sizzix, so now I need to figure out all of my sandwiches again, lol.
Oh no, lol, I just reread the 'rules', and discovered that I was supposed to only impress part of a layer, lol... oh dear... I'll try again this weekend, lol!! Leave it to me to flaunt the rules!!


resmith said...

Beth this turned out really nice!! I love the embossing even if it wasn't done exactly like the challenge.

Marybeth said...

Beth your card is amazing, your very good at this, and so inspiring. I didn’t even know about this set. Everyday Blessings

I'm Renee said...

This turned out beautiful...
whether you followed the challenge exactly or not:)
I love the neutral colors and think it is a stunning card.

Janelle said...

Really pretty card, Beth. So funny about rereading the rules after finishing your card... I do that all the time and am like, "Oh, well..." And I always prided myself on being a good reader. Guess I needed a little humility in my life... haha!