Friday, January 30, 2009

Joyful Mail!

Who of us doesn't feel joyful when we find a personally addressed envelope in the mailbox? It happened tome last week, and since it was the day after my birthday...well! I was feeling so happy as I opened the envelope! Who knew it was my birthday? Who made a card for me??? Imagine my chagrin to find an invitation to a baby shower for a work colleague I have not seen in 2 years! Talk about deflated happiness, lol!

Well, Sylvie to the rescue, all the way from France!

Her card arrived very shortly after my birthday~ even though the postmark was from France, and even though Sylvie had asked for my address, I was afraid to think it might be a real birthday card until I pulled it out of the envelope. Isn't it perfect!?!

She used Papertrey's Dark Chocolate, and stamped a pattern using Papertrey's Guidelines for the small side piece. A beautiful pink flower sits on a square that has embossed edges, and some Sweet Blush double stitched ribbon runs up the left side. There are the sweetest little rhinestones all over, and Birthday Wishes finishes it off~ What a pleasure it was to get this in the mail!

Then, to top off my week, look what landed in my mailbox today! My jaw dropped when my DH brought it in, especially since I had already gotten the mail- he says it was stuffed in the back of the box, and I missed it earlier. Patti mailed this to me after I admitted to some nerdiness- or OCD- in a comment on her blog. You should go see her little pails here She covered a tin with Papertrey's Raspberry Fizz patterned paper and tied a bow around, but really, look what's inside! Dessert! Yes, siree, I had chocolates for dessert tonight! Thanks so much, Patti! If you click on the picture, you'll be able to see in more detail the lovely Thank You card~ her stamping with guidelines is precision at it's best!

Getting these gifts in the mail reminds me of how much I love to get mail, and packages, and makes me wonder why I don't send things more. I need to remember to do unto others... Ok, I promise!

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