Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Stenciled Bunny

I found this stencil when I was getting ready for the stamping yard sale; rather than stick it in the pile I decided to try and make a card with it. I have oil crayons, so I rubbed the crayons on a plastic paint tray, and picked up color with a stiff brush I have. I will say two things: mix enough color to work the entire image, and stencil brushes are made for stenciling. If I decide to do this some more, I will buy a brush make for stenciling!

I punched it out with a nesty, then let it sit for like 2 weeks because I was so bummed I cut off part of the ear (and you can't see it, but part of her foot is missing, too). But of course, in a baby card making frenzy, I'll try making a presentable card from even the worst of mistakes~ and this one turned out fairly well!

The image was done on a piece of unknown cardstock, then layered on a pretty pink floral paper also unknown since I cut the edges off eons ago. Base card is Papertrey's Sweet blush. Welcome sentiment is from Papertrey's second anniversary set, Everyday Basics. It's stamped on a die cut ribbon slider. Buttons are from the stash (wish now I'd used some twine to tie them!), and the ribbon is Martha Stewart. The ribbon is beautiful in the hand, but very hard to work with- my hands need stiffer ribbons to stay in one place while I tie, this ribbon flops and moves all over. So, my bow is a little funky, but the finished product is pretty!

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Etha said...

the bunny looks wonderful! adding the ribbon completely abolished the cut ear and foot issue, great solution!!