Friday, November 21, 2008

Carriage Continued

Lay the smaller circle on the back of the larger circles, and trace around the edge. Remove the smaller circle, and with snips, make cuts along the edge of the large circles, only as deep as the traced line. Place the smaller circle back, and use it to fold the little snipped edges up. The more time you take here (and I was being quick!), the smoother the roundness of your finished carriage.
Place sticky strip along both long edges of the 1.5 inch piece. Pull off the red cover, and be very careful in the next step! Sticky tape is very unforgiving!

Pick up one of the circles, and lay it along the ege of the circle, the sticky part will be attachng to the folded over cut edge. Carefully lay it down, trying to stay straight along the edge.

Do the other circle, after you visualize the finished carriage to help keep the right side out, lol! when you are done, there will be some of the center section left, either trim if off as I did, or fold it over~ You can see where when I did my folded 'tabs', I didn't take time; some spots of the round circle are a little pointy- oops!

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