Friday, November 7, 2008

A Patriotic Christmas!

Not sure why, but I think I must be feeling patriotic or something!

This card needs an explanation~ my SIL works for a company that does a lot of shipping in decorated boxes. She is in charge of those filled, decorated boxes. At the moment they are getting rid of all of last years decorated boxes and bows and what have you to make way for the bajillion boxes of this years. Last years were a combo of Ripe Avocado and Pure Poppy, believe it or not! The piece you see laying flat is a cut out box wrapper. The box it wrapped was about 3 inches square, and so the wrapper has score lines at the 3 inch points- make sense? I got about 6 or so of these wrappers, and wondered what to do with them!

Here's the result! I cut the squares apart, to get rid of the score line (that's why the ribbon runs across the middle). Layered it on Pure Poppy, tied it with Pure Poppy Dotted Swiss, then layered it on the PTI Blue metallic. 1, 2, 3, easy as pie! Makes me want to buy the other Marvy punches and make my own snowflake paper, lol!

Claire, I think I will make my SIL a square candle wrap, lol, I know you would!!


Annapurna said...

How cool! That paper is too gorgeous to throw away. What you came up with is gorgeous. You could even save a piece for stenciling.

Claire Brennan said...

yep - that's just exactly what I'd do - love the card tho.