Thursday, November 6, 2008

Going Away with Wool!


Every year my VBF and I go away to Stitches East, a yarn festival. For the past 10 years or so we have knit matching sweaters to wear. In a couple of hours we will get in the car to get our chubby little bodies down to Baltimore Maryland, and tomorrow we will wander the aisles patting all of the skeins of yarn and dreaming of which sweater we will knit in the coming year.

This year we knit a slip stitch pattern, but had no size pattern to go by; we sort of created it as we went. I had to use my sewing machine and cut off hunks of knitting, lol, to have mine fit the way I wanted. I used 5 different brands and colors of thinner worsted weight yarn, plus black. the majority of the yarn is Blue Faced Leister.

A close up of the closure, but a bad photo. The corners of the collar are turned back forming a triangle. At the bottom of the triangle is a brushed silver closure, and the sweater hangs open all of the way down. That way, when you eat too much, your belly can bulge out and not be stopped by the sweater! lol lol lol.
So! Off we go- I'll be back the middle of the night Saturday night, so won't post again until Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!!


Julie Masse said...

Beautiful sweater Beth!! Have a great time! :)

Donelda said...

wow, wish I could make something that beautiful. When I was a teen I started a loopy sweater but never got it finished. My mom secretly finished it and wrapped it as an xmas gift!! I bet I haven't knit since.

Claire Brennan said...

That's one gorgeous jumper - well done that woman - hope you have fun.