Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coming and Going~

I am so computer illiterate- I wish I had things figured out. I have a stat counter, and look at the summaries every now and then, but I still don't exactly know what it means. I wonder if anyone comes to my blog daily, looking for new things. How egotistical is that?? Still, i thought just in case, I would explain some things:

I work nights, and it exhausts me- I try and string them together so that I get a string of nights off in a row. this means that once a week there will be 3 days where I probably won't post anything. it just means I am spending some time making money so I can buy some new things!

While some people go to their space daily and do one thing, I do not. I go to my space daily, and usually create nothing. Really. Then, about once a week, in one span of a few hours, things will come cranking out a million miles an hour. Well, maybe not that fast, it depends on if I, drinking caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. Today I made 7 cards in 4 hours-all different. One went in the trash (see the post below!), so that makes 6. is it better to post one or two at a time? I have no idea- if you have read this far and have an opinion, let me know!


Alex said...

Isnt there a way to make posts, then have them post at a certain day/time? Id rather see them spread biased i guess, but come every day and would love to have new things to drool over. not sure how hard it would be, but maybe look into having them ready and posting on their own nights you work?

Claire Brennan said...

I call nearly every day but i certainly don't expect new posts everyday - I think once a blogger starts trying to have a new post every day there must be a lot of pressure to produce. I post only when I have something interesting to look at or say.

I check my whole blog list nearly every day but maybe only half will have something new - i don't mind - it's quality and not quantity that is important to me. hope that helps.