Monday, November 3, 2008

Will test a delayed post!

Sometimes others just don't see things the way we do, KWIM? The card above has the baby pony image laid over what I redid. Al did the cutest little baby card, but the nurses left it in the bag when they told me they had no more girl cards to use. when I opened the drawer, I kinda could see why- the stork brought a baby horse to a mom?!? I guess if you didn't grow up with horses, or have them in your life, you might not see the relationship, lol- so home it came, and I redid it to have the stork bring a baby human, lol!



Alex said...

well, the post seemed to work, and im sorry...the horsie baby is cute IMO! But, i guess it goes without saying that im biased!

cindi said...

funny that I think I may know the other person that left a comment... but I think its just crazy that anyone would ask for a do over on that adorable "charlie horse"stamp hmph... she says as she rolls her eyes!!Now back to election coverage..