Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Comedy of Errors~

Well, now, that's a contradiction in terms, isn't it?!? Believe me, as these errors were unfolding, I wasn't laughing! I am doing baby cards this weekend (10 is my goal for Saturday and Sunday until I head to work Sunday night).
I use Archival Ink Jet Black a lot, but only on alcohol inked backgrounds. It's not a dark black ink, but it doesn't smudge or smear on my alcohol backgrounds. That's odd, because it does smudge and smear on paper. So, I can't use it to watercolor or cut out. It was getting dry, so I bought a refiller, came home and started to pour it on the pad. Ack! I was just about done refilling my pad when I realized I had put the Archival ink onto my Versafine Onyx Black pad. Ack! again! I consider Versafine Onyx Black the perfect ink for me; it dries quickly, doesn't smudge, and doesn't smear when I watercolor or use oil. Oh blah! Now I have spoilt my ink pad, and I don't have another. Dang. Well, I might as well bite the bullet and use it, I say to myself. Maybe I will be surprised!


Well, I tried- and it wasn't going too badly, until I went to cut out my image, and poof! the upper right corner diappeared! I have no idea how I did that, but I found the intsy 'ittle corner on the table top, so thought I could glue it down after I glued down the main image. It worked swell until I pounfed it down and rubbed with my finger...amd you guessed it... smudged the entire right corner. Sheesh. Had to start over, this time using Pallette Noir-

This is probably the longest it's ever taken me to do a PTI CMWC- 3 months and 3 hours!

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