Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've Been Tagged, and I'll play, BUT:

~ and that's a big but- I don't go to enough blogs or know enough people with blogs to feel safe tagging anyone else. OTOH, I just love talking about myself, lol, so here goes!!

Things I Love:
1. Life
2. The family, the DH in particular, and the babies especially
3. Eli Lily Company- they are why I remain alive every day
4. Eating cookies and drinking coffee
5. Discussing politics, religion and philosophy, sharing a cider- or guiness when cider is not available

Things I don't love
1. When I mess up
2. Butter and mayonaise
3. Cigarette smoke
4. When the DH invites people over and forgets to tell me
5. The morning of the day of the night of work- did that make sense?

Songs on My I-Pod:
Don't have one. Our TV gets one channel. I listen to some talk radio, that's it. I do have a CD player, I mostly listen to Shaker music, and George Winston, some nature sounds CD's.

Favorite Foods/Drinks:
Am I limited to 5?
1. Cookies and coffee, alone but better together
2. Anything crunchy, chips in particular
3. Cider (the alcoholic kind!), Guiness if no cider is available
4. Chinese- General Tso's chicken, egg rolls, and pork fried rice served with cider or Guiness is a perfect meal in my eyes
5. Every evening around 6 pm, he calls 'dinners ready', and holds out a plate of food to me- considering, it's all my favorite and I tell him so!

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Claire Brennan said...

cheers for playing Beth!! Guinness eh??