Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thoughts about my cards~

So, does this happen to you? You make a card, you think it's pretty good, you take a photo and upload it- still not bad. You back out of the page and go back in- and WHAM! You immediately see how much better it could have been. You immediately see how crooked the layers are. You immediately see how things don't really flow. You feel embarrassed, and inadequate. You can't talk to anyone at home, because, frankly, they have no clue. You can't call any stampers you know because you don't really want them to see it.

Sigh. I should have made it 'Cards by Annonymous'.

On a cheerier note, today I went to a local quilt shop, and got some of the most wonderful Christmas flannel fabric you have ever seen! I went to get just a wee bit more fabric to make up 8 more pillowcases (no stamping, thank you!), but fell in love with the christmas flannels. I came out with $90.00 worth, but it put me in such a good mood! How's that for retail therapy, lol!!!

Better yet, jmasse told me how to make words a link, and she is so clever! It works!


Annapurna said...

Yay! You started blogging. Gotta add you to my reader. You didn't hear that. Reader is another addicting thing, just like blogging.

Happens all the time. Only when you see a picture on the screen and in high resolution is when you see all the faults with our cards. I even found layers that were not glued down completely.

So not to worry. You are not alone.

Pretty good therapy. I am sure a psychiatrist trip would cost more :-)

Julie Masse said...

LOL Beth - happens to us all!! :)

Jennifer Holmes said...

Yes, I certainly do have my days when I feel that way about my cards. know the great thing that I've discovered about blogging? I really do believe it has made me a better crafter. I started to look at my creations in a different way and I challenged myself to make them better. So, if you are feeling that way now, just a month or two I bet you'll feel differently!