Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random thoughts about blogging

OK, now I am going to wax philosophical- As I was blog hopping last night, it occurred to me that there was an incredible amount of creative things out there to see, but it takes forever to go see and comment on it. You can lose hours looking! I am aware that being on the computer too much takes away from creative time, and maybe I do a little too much replicating of what I have seen on blogs- and mostly I forget what I have seen earlier when I am on for too long.

BUT: and you knew there was a but, right? I have come to really like showing off my stuff, lol. I love comments! I love viewers! I am sad when I put something up and get no comments! I wnat everyone to come see and enjoy! How's that for a contradiction?

If anyone out there can tell me how to upload a photo into the middle of text, please let me know. When I choose None for where the photo goes, I can't figure out how to move it-


Frenchy said...

OH - your projects are all so cute! I'm sure we can all identify - we're all sad when we don't get validation through comments!

Annapurna said...

*Smiling* Welcome to the world of contemplation, to blog or not to blog. It is like any other addiction. We get addicted to comments. If we don't get comments we start doubting ourself. Usually people tend to reciprocate love, unless it is big shots like Nichole or Lauren etc. Want more comments? leave more comments :-)

I found a happy medium, where I post once a week, even though I may have been creating all week.

Regarding the photo moving, you have to go to the html view and cut and paste the picture html to the right spot you want the picture in. None usually, I am not too fond of, since you have to put too much code in to make it go left or right. I usually pick center and then cut and paste to the right spot.

You can also install "Blogger in draft", but on my computer, it works sometimes and it does not work sometimes. I also have linux, which most people don't have.

My one comment is worth 10, especially this one :-)

Babies- Beth said...

Many many thanks to Anna- I moved my photo! I worked in HTML! yeah Anna!

Radiogirl said...

You don't have to be in html view to move the picture. Just click on the picture where ever it is and you will see that the image is highlighted because there will be a line around the image. Then cut it and paste it to where you want it to go. You can cut by using the control (ctrl) key and the letter x at the same time. You can paste by using the control key and the letter v at the same time. I hope that helps.

Kerry said...

All I do to move my picture where I want it to go is right click my mouse when the arrow is on the picture which will bring up a menu. Click on cut, then set your cursor where you want your picture to be, right click again and click on paste. Hope that helps!