Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just to make you jealous!

I'm so glad the 'schedule post' worked! I have no posts for today- Saturday- but I hope to be home on Sunday to create a little and post something by Sunday evening. I know, Iknow, I should really be thinking about Guest Star Stamper, but I haven't started said thinking yet!

Today I am up early, to get to the QuickPick paper warehouse~ have you ever been to a warehouse of envelopes?? Swoon Swoon After that it will be to a Joanns Superstore we found, then up to Cranberry New Jersey to the Utrecht Art outlet store. Utrecht is the online site where I buy Prisma markers and pencils. I think I own almost every single pencil made, but hope to get some individual markers and maybe see some different kinds of watercolor crayons that can be bought individually.

Stay warm and dry, and I'll talk to you Sunday!

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Alex said...

Im all your shopping, please please remember your dear daughter- back here at home slogging in the trenches of motherhood... some fun present might ease the stings from a rainy saturday of room cleaning! oh, and i "fixed" the guest book stamp issue- now they need velcro and ribbon and bags. one step closer.