Monday, March 9, 2009

Another try for Clean & Simple!

Nothing special here- just trying to limit mysef to a clean and simple baby card, lol!

That, and get over the fact that we had close to a foot of snow here again. Big giant fluffy snow, pretty to look at, but hefty on the tree branches. I kept waiting for the 'lectricity to go out, but it stayed on. It started as the school bus came, and I kept waiting for a call from the school, but they kept tham all day. I'm sure at this point any time there is going to be a school closing there will be a couple thousand irate mothers on thephone. Kaleb says 'kids were falling down all over, it was coming from the left, and it was coming from the right'!

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone!


Deanna said...


Scrapping Julie said...

it is simply perfection Beth!

Claire Brennan said...

Sweeet little baby card!!