Monday, March 16, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

The bad news: My head hurts. My throat hurts. My eyeballs feel like they are going to pop out of my head. My head feels like a balloon stretched to the limit. Believe it or not, inside of my nose hurts. My hands hurt. My back hurts. I want to curl up and sleep, but I already did that twice today, and it's only 2 o'clock. The 2 little boys next door (my two grandsons) are home from school today, coughing and spewing and spitting up. Both of their parents had to go to work. =80 You have got to be kidding me?!?

The good news: I'm not coughing. I had a flu shot. I don't have to go to work again until Thursday night. I didn't get thrown up on much. My daughter came home from work early because she doesn't feel well, either. It isn't as bad a week as my other daughter:

Back to bed.


Claire Brennan said...

oh poor woman - hope you're better sooN !!!

Anonymous said...

Cute blog!! I am sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better soon!

Alex said...

feel better soon mamma.

Donelda said...

Oh Beth, I hope you and your family are feeling better soon!! I love all the baby cards you've been posting! I am not always able to post comments...but I am enjoying them :-)